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28 November 2023 - 29 November 2023
Brno, Czech Republic


Industrial days for space cooperation among V4 countries + Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania and Slovenia


Inspiring plenary sessions, informative workshops and targeted 1:1 meetings promise knowledge gain and new business contacts.

Space2Business & Brokerage addresses companies, startups, research institutions and other stakeholders searching for collaboration and market opportunities.  The two-day event comprises 4 main parallel parts:

    1. Space EXPO 
    2. Brokerage session – B2B meetings between companies, startups, research institutions and other stakeholders searching for collaboration and market opportunities
      1. National set- up and opportunities
      2. Synergies among countries'  capabilities 
      3. Industrial and scientific cooperation  
      4. National Flight Opportuntities and joint Missions Opportunities
    4. Side events – addressing various topics for both space & non-space audience


    Why participate?

    • Find & meet your next technology partner/end-user through targeted and brief (20-minute) meetings
    • Promote your research results, technologies and know-how through effective networking between industrial/research partners
    • Find out about institutional and commercial market trends and innovations and discuss with those who understand your issues, with a focus on ESA programs, the European Space Strategy, and the forthcoming opportunities launched through the Horizon Europe R&D programs

      Target group:

      • Entrepreneurs (startups, SMEs, large companies) both space and non-space, clusters
      • Investors, VC funds, and business angels
      • Policymakers & governmental institutions
      • Stakeholders, supporting community members
      • Incubators, competence centres, and accelerators
      • Academia, universities, and R&D centres
      • Students and young professionals

      Event is hosed as the part of Czech Space Week, the biggest Czech festival of space activities, celebrating its 6th edition.

      Closed since 27 November 2023
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      Czech Republic 371
      Hungary 22
      Poland 18
      Slovakia 11
      Germany 8
      Italy 7
      Latvia 7
      Romania 6
      Slovenia 6
      Netherlands 5
      Canada 3
      Bulgaria 2
      Austria 2
      Ukraine 2
      Finland 2
      France 2
      Türkiye 1
      Greece 1
      Luxembourg 1
      Monaco 1
      United Kingdom 1
      Israel 1
      Belgium 1
      Japan 1
      Estonia 1
      Spain 1
      Sweden 1
      Switzerland 1
      North Macedonia 1
      Maldives 1
      Total 488